"For no other foundation

can anyone lay than

that which is laid,

which is Jesus Christ."

I Corinthians 3:11
Contact Information
Physical Address:   Hutterthal Mennonite Church
    27473 437th Avenue
    Freeman, South Dakota 57029
Mailing Address:   Huttethal Mennonite Church
    Drawer A
    Freeman, SD 57092
Church Phone Number:   605.925.7286
Church E-mail Address:   hutterthal@goldenwest.net
Facebook   www.facebook.com/Hutterthal

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our history
Historically rooted in the Hutterite tradition, Hutterthal Mennonite Church was formed in 1877 in southern Russia under the leadership of John L Wipf and John Waldner who were elected by the congregation to serve as ministers. Following a subsequent emigration from Russia, Hutterthal Mennonite Church was established in rural South Dakota in 1879. In 1941, HMC became a member church of the denomination now known as Mennonite Church USA and continues to strive to minister through service by incorporating varying worship elements and emphasizing Christ's call to raise up disciples.

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Our beliefs
  • Christ is central to our faith. We believe that Jesus Christ is the final and complete revelation of God. By His death on a cross, Jesus took upon Himself all our sin and guilt, offering us a restored relationship with God. We believe that acceptance of Jesus as our personal Savior is the first step in Christian discipleship. We emphasize Jesus as Lord of our lives and we strive to follow Him.
  • The Bible is the Word of God, written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and is our reliable and trustworthy guide for Christian faith and life.
  • The Church is a fellowship of believers whose task is to proclaim the reign of God and salvation through Jesus Christ. The Church body is called to model a life of love and mercy as led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Peace, Service, and Simplicity are hallmarks of Mennonite Christians who believe that Jesus taught and lived a perfect way of love. This means:
    • Loving our enemies
    • Not engaging in activities that oppress, harm or kill others
    • Living peaceably with others
    • Serving the oppressed, the poor and those who are in need
    • Working for justice and mercy
    • Acknowledging that money and possessions may prevent us from following Jesus in joyful obedience

You can learn more about our beliefs at:
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FAQ's - frequently asked questions
How can I receive Christ?
  • As a Mennonite Church, we affirm the teaching of our Anabaptist heritage that faith, apart from a life centered on the teaching and example of Jesus Christ, is hypocritical.  As Christian people, we are called to die to ourselves that we might live for Christ.  As Jesus taught, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” (Luke 9: 23b, NKJV).  Thus, it is imperative that we move beyond mere clichés – that we move beyond confessions and/or catechismal declarations – and embrace discipleship.  We cannot simply say we have faith without living faithfully.  Thus, we seek to be Christ-centered – living, relating, serving.  And this necessarily begins with laying ourselves down before Jesus Christ as a living sacrifice, acknowledging that God is God and “I” am not.  We must invite Him to raise us up to new and abundant life, which is marked by a continual dying to self and rising to Christ.  For, the life we share with Jesus Christ is relational, not contractual.  It is not a certificate we receive from a pastor, but a daily cross-bearing – a daily walk with Jesus.
  • If it is your desire to begin this relationship with Jesus Christ, I would remind you that we are not to live the Christian life in isolation, but in community.  Therefore, we encourage you not merely to speak the prayer that appears below, but to begin to (or continue to) gather with others for Christian nurture and fellowship.  Seek those who can mentor you in the faith, begin to establish a discipline of prayer, spend time in the Bible both in personal study and in group settings, discover ways to share the gifts that you have been given through acts of Christian service, and worship.
  • To begin a relationship with Jesus Christ, one need only ask.  We, therefore, strongly encourage you to simply and directly acknowledge that you are not God – that you cannot save yourself – and ask Jesus to be your salvation, your refuge, and your strength.  If you are unsure how to begin, simply say these words:
    • Jesus, I need You.  Nothing I do and nothing I can possess will save me.  By my own strength, knowledge, will, and privilege, I am incapable of setting myself right with God.  But, You can.  You have taken all of my brokenness, sin, and shame – all that I have done and all that’s been done to me – upon yourself and died to it on the cross.  Then, You rose again from the dead and in Your rising, You washed away all of my brokenness, sin, and shame and gave me new and abundant life – a life I now claim as my own.  I am forgiven.  I am saved, and, in this asking, I am Yours.  Help me now to live faithfully in all that I do that others may know You in knowing me.  Amen.
    If you have said this prayer, we welcome you into the faith and family of Christ.  You are a beloved child of God.  You are our brother/sister.  And as you are a friend of Christ, you are a friend of ours.  May you be deeply blessed by the assurance of God’s love and may you share that love with all.
    • In Christ,
      The Members & Friends of Hutterthal Mennonite Church

How and when is Communion (or Lord's Supper) served?
  • At Hutterthal Mennonite Church, we recognize and celebrate an "open table" and invite all (members and non-members, Mennonites and non-Mennonites who confess a saving relationship with Jesus Christ to participate. For, while we understand that the bread and the cup are symbols or remembrances of divine grace and not the physical body and blood of Jesus, communion remains a sacred, covenant act between God, the individual, and the community that must not be entered into lightly. 
  • Children are not necessarily precluded from involvement in Communion. However, we feel that, if parent(s) or guardian(s), after discerning prayer, desire their child/children to participate, it is imperative to discuss with the the individual children the significance of the table and to listen carefully and attentively to their questions.
  • Currently, Communion is celebrated a minimum of four times a year:
    • Once during the Advent/Christmas season
    • On Maundy Thursday (the Thursday prior to Easter Sunday)
    • Once in early summer
    • On World Communion Sunday in October

What can you tell me about Baptism?
  • Baptism is the act by which we publicly declare that we are beloved children of God who have been saved by grace through faith and we desire to live that truth out in the world. Thus, baptism is not a saving act, but a witness to the truth that one has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and has been reconciled to God.
  • Because of the nature of baptism, therefore, it must not be entered into lightly, but with prayerful awareness of the new life to which we have been called. As such, at Hutterthal Mennonite Church, we invite those (of young adult age and older) who desire to be baptized to meet with the Pastor and/or Deacons to celebrate the baptismal commitment, to discuss any questions and /or concerns that arise from that commitment, and to be in prayer together with the understanding that baptism is not a solitary act, but a communal/relational event.
  • On occasion, an adult who was baptized in another faith tradition as an infant or child may choose to be re-baptized as an adult. This is a welcome and accepted way for an individual to give testimony among the body of believers of their love and commitment to Christ.

How can I become a member of the Hutterthal fellowship?
  • Membership at Hutterthal Mennonite Church is a matter of relationship:
    • First, one must confess a saving relationship with Jesus Christ identified through Christian baptism.
    • Second, one must begin (and continue) to foster a relationship with the Body of Christ through one or more of the following: time, talent, and/or treasure.
  • When considering membership it may be helpful to reflect on a series of questions that explore how we live, relate, and serve one another to the glory of God?
    • Am I sharing my time with the Body of Christ?
    • Am I involved in the prayerful discernment of my spiritual gifts and in the outpouring of those gifts upon the Body of Christ?
    • Am I actively supporting the Body of Christ through the sharing of my treasure (monetary wealth)?
    • Am I helping to build into the Body in such way that its ministry might not only be sustained, but continue to flourish, enriching the lives of the community?
  • Further, a basic understanding and growing awareness of Christian belief and practice (specifically from an Anabaptist/Mennonite perspective) is an important aspect of membership, but does not preclude one from involvement in the Body and growing in the grace of God.

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Hutterthal Mennonite Church is an active member of both:
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