Hutterthal Mennonite Church


January 14, 2018


Call to Worship


Opening Prayer                                       

Gathering Hymns
     I owe my Lord a morning song                                                    
STJ # 112
     Come, ye disconsolate                                                                HWB #497


Children’s Story                                                          

Worship Music

Scripture            I Samuel 3:1-10 and Psalm 139 (Pew Bible p. 148 & 331)

Sermon                                                             Running Through the Thistles

Put peace into each other’s hands                                                     STJ #87 


Installation Service

Sharing Time                                                     

Pastoral Prayer                                         

Sending Hymn
     I am the Bread of Life                                                                 
HWB #472 


Musical Response




· Cameron Hofer (recovering from shoulder surgery)

· Norman Hofer (recovering from shoulder surgery)

· John & Deloris Stahl (transitioning to Oakview Terrace)

· Moses Glanzer (transitioning to Salem Mennonite Home)

· 5th & 6th Grade winter retreat at Swan Lake January 19-21

· Additional requests


TODAY - January 14 

Greeters: Shane & Amy Hofer Vetch

9:45 am: Worship Service

Accompanist: Paige Zachariasen

Worship Leader & Children’s Time: Jack Scandrett

Worship Music: Fortis

Message: Tim Detweiler

Coffee Time: Steve & Charlene Friesen

12:00 noon: Potluck meal followed by Bible Study - The Work of the Holy Spirit


  NEXT SUNDAY – January 21

Greeters: Brigitta Hofer & Monica Clem

9:45 am: Worship Service

Accompanist: Charlene Friesen

Worship Leader:

Worship Music: Boni Hofer

Children’s time:

Blessing/Commissioning of Elected Officers:  Dennis Schrock

Message: Jack Scandrett

Coffee Time: Stan & Jill Hofer

11:10 am: Sunday School for all ages

12:00-1:30pm: Soup meal followed by Bible Study - The Holy Spirit Shapes the Church



Congregational Ministries: Blankets, sheets & towels for MCC. 

                                    (See mailbox insert for details)       

Children's S.S. Department: MCC Project



Thursday, January 18, 7:30 pm: Church Board meeting

Sunday, January 27: Soup meal followed by Bible Study,12:30-1:30pm


We welcome Tim Detweiler to our service this morning.  Tim serves as conference Minister for Ministerial Leadership for the Central Plains Mennonite Conference. 


This morning we will be having an installation service for Pastor Jack Scandrett.  We will celebrate Communion and the Deacons will receive a Benevolent Fund offering.  Please prepare your hearts for this time and consider how you may contribute to the Benevolent Fund.  If you know of someone in acute financial need, please notify one of the Deacons for confidential assistance:  Todd Koerner, Charlene Friesen, or Les Rensink. 


You are welcome to join the Winter Bible Study even though you may have missed the first session.  You are invited to remain after church today for the potluck noon meal and the second session - The Work of the Holy Spirit.



The Et Cetera Shoppe is seeking a new volunteer.  We’re looking for someone to sew rug strips together.  This is a job that can be done in the store – if you are looking to get out of your house, and if you like our store’s sewing machine! – OR, it can also be done in the coziness of your own home on your own sewing machine.  Hours are totally flexible and up to you. You only need to be able to sew a straight line and to enjoy fabrics.  Call the shop at 925-7098 and talk to Kris or Anita to express interest in joining our mission by volunteering for this position.


Greetings from the Freeman Ministerial Association!  Thank you for your support of Freeman’s pastors and other local ministry leaders. The Ministerial gathers monthly for collaboration, sharing and prayer for our churches and community. We also maintain a Traveler’s Benevolent Fund available to those in need passing through our town benevolent. Your contributions largely go toward administering this.  We have also been privileged to lead the Community Baccalaureate in recent years, with the afternoon of Sunday, May 6, 2018 as the date for this year’s celebration service.  Our officers include president Steve Roussos (pastor, Missionary Church), vice president Mike Petts (pastor, Salem MB), and treasurer Nick Detweiler-Stoddard (pastor, Salem Mennonite/South). You can reach the Freeman Ministerial at PO Box 182, Freeman, SD 57029.


The Minn-Kota Auction for World Relief Board is hosting its annual meeting on January 20 at 1:30 PM at Salem Mennonite Church, rural Freeman. This meeting is open to anyone not just church representatives.  We have some board positions to fill.  Don’t let that last statement keep you away.  We need to plan for the future of the board.  See you on the 20th.


In preparation for Schmeckfest, there will be cottage cheese pocket making days on January 30, Feb. 20 & Feb 27 starting at 9 a.m.  In the Pioneer Hall basement.  Everyone is welcome to help--men and women. You don't have to know how to make them, we will teach you. If you have any questions, contact June Pullman or Boni Hofer.


More workers are needed to join the Central Plains work team heading to Ecuador February 23 - March 5, 2018!  This is a great opportunity to escape the cold here in the upper Mid-West and travel to a warmer climate to work with our brothers and sisters in Quito to help with the renovation of their recently acquired building.  Couples and individuals are welcome to come work on light construction, painting and other renovation tasks, all while developing friendships with the folks in Ecuador who are eager to host this group.  If there are not enough members to form a work team, this trip will not happen.  If you are interested in participating, or helping with the costs of this work, contact Doyle Roth as soon as possible at or by phone at 402-641-0266.


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