Hutterthal Mennonite Church


February 25, 2018

Second Sunday of Lent



     Great God Thou Giver of All                                            Thomas Hastings

     Christ We Do All Adore Thee                                          Theodore Dubois


Call to Worship

Leader:       Come, sons and daughters of Abraham and Sarah,

                             nations born of barren lands,

          you who stand here because of promises fulfilled,

                   come and worship your God.

People:      We were born through the faith of our ancestors,

                   just as our faith will give life to future generations;

                             even as we hope against hope,

                             we come to worship our God.

Leader:       Welcome home, children of God.

                   Welcome to this house of God.


Opening Prayer                                       

Gathering Hymns
     Come and See                                                                             HWB 20

     You are all we have                                                                      STJ #29


 Children’s Story

Worship Music

     King William’s March                                              Jeremiah Clarke                                                                  

Scripture                                          Mark 8:31-38 (Pew Bible Page 533)

Sermon Getting out of our own way –

                                                        what Jesus has to say about faith  


God of our ancestors and our descendants,

promising Abraham and Sarah children at their age seems confusing.

For them to believe that promise sounds foolish—

almost as foolish as expecting that same faithfulness from us.

That was then, this is now.

We are not used to waiting.

If something we want takes too long,

we itch to move on to the next thing,

even when waiting is important.

Forgive us.

Forgive our impatience

and refusal to believe in what we cannot see.

Build in us the willingness

to hope against hope.

Help us to value and contribute

to a future yet unseen.

Instill in us a faith to inspire future generations.


Words of assurance

I will always keep the promise I have made to you and your

because I am your God and their God.


The God of Abraham Praise                                                             HWB 162

Sharing Time/Prayer

Sending Hymn
     The Love of God                                                                               
STJ #44 

          We are people of God.

          We go in God’s love

          to extend God’s love

          and live God’s promise.

Musical Response

     Malaguena                                                                                           Faber




· Anita Watkins( Rebecca Hofer’s Mother) - chemo treatments

· Additional Concerns


TODAY - February 25 - Second Sunday of Lent

Greeters: LeRoy & Kathy Pullman

9:45 am: Worship Service

Accompanist: Charlene Friesen with Jada Koerner assisting

Worship Leader: Les Rensink

Children’s Time: Amanda Mettler

Worship Music:  Colin & Michelle Hofer

Message: Kate Friesen

Coffee Time: John & Monica Clem

11:10 am: Sunday School for all ages


NEXT SUNDAY -  March 4 – Third Sunday of Lent

Greeters: Donovan & Sherryl Friesen

9:45 am: Worship Service

Accompanists: Amy Hofer Vetch

Worship Leader: Charlene Friesen

Children’s time: Amanda Mettler

Worship Music:  Fortis

Message:  Jack Scandrett

Coffee Time: Vernon & Twyla Hofer

11:10 am: Sunday School for all ages



Congregational Ministries: Cash for Swan Lake Christian Camp

Children's S.S. Department: MCC Project


ALL EMAIL CORRESPONDANCE to the Church Office Administrative Assistant should be sent to



Monday night, February 26, 7:00-8:30 P.M. an event called "The Loss of Turtle Island" will be held at the Freeman Community Center.  Erica Littlewolf, formerly of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation and Karin Kaufman Wall, formerly of near Parker S.D., will be the facilitators for this participatory presentation.  (See poster on the bulletin board for more information.)  A freewill donation will be accepted to defray costs and what is above will be given to "The Indigenous Visionary Circle, a program of MCC, to further the work of this learning experience.  This event is sponsored by FNJP (Freeman Network for Justice and Peace).


Rural Revival will hold its monthly meeting at 8 pm at the Freeman Public Library on Monday, February 26. Come see what we’re all about!


 Swan Lake Christian Camp will be holding its annual meeting on March 3rd at 6:00 pm.  A supper will be served followed by the business meeting.  All are invited to attend.  Please RSVP at 605-326-5690 or   


The S.D. Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) unit annual mtg. will be held Sun., March 11, 2 pm, at Salem Mennonite Brethren Church, rural Bridgewater. Maretta Champagne, Outreach Coordinator for Pine Ridge Long Term Recovery in Pine Ridge, S.D., will be the featured speaker.  A business meeting will follow.  More details next week.



· Cottage cheese pocket making days: Feb 27 starting at 9 a.m., in the Pioneer Hall basement.  All are welcome. If you have any questions contact Boni Hofer.

· Volunteers are needed for making 1400 kuchen that will be used at the meal (600) and sold in the Country Kitchen (800). We will be baking all kuchen at the Tyndall Bakery on two separate days: March 3 and March 10 from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. each day.  The filling needs to be made in the Pioneer Hall kitchen prior to each baking day.  March 2 and March 9 will need workers from 1:00-7:00p.m. each day. Helpers are welcome for all or part of a shift.  Donations of peaches, cherries, mulberries, rhubarb, raspberries, etc. is greatly appreciated. We need about 10 people for each baking day and 4-6 for making pudding.  Please contact Vernetta Waltner at or 321-7351 or 925-7620 to volunteer your time in any of these ways.  Cash donations to defray the costs for kuchen can be given to Debra Schmeichel or any area Schmeckfest food committee member.

· Museum Clean-Up Day in preparation for Schmeckfest will be held Saturday, March 3rd starting at 9 a.m. Many hands make the job much more enjoyable (and quick!) so we would love to have you join us! --Heritage Hall Museum & Archives 


For more information on Hutterthal Mennonite Church happenings visit