Hutterthal Mennonite Church


March 11, 2018

Fourth Sunday of Lent



Call to Worship

Leader: Who comes in the name of God? Step into the light and be known.

People: We are coming, through darkness and fear. We come into the light by the power of God.

Leader: People of God, God has heard your cries and is opening a way for you.

People: We are here, through darkness and fear. We come into the light of this day by the power of God.

Leader: You are here, and God is here. What will you do?

People: Together we will worship our God.


Opening Prayer                                       

Gathering Hymn
      Blessed Jesus, at Your Word                                                     HWB #13

 Children’s Story

Worship Music


Scripture                                  Ephesians 2: 1-10 (Page #617 in Pew Bible)

Sermon                                                                                      Vulnerability


God of compassion and consequence,

some days it’s hard to face who we are.

We like to be in control, to know where we are going.

Relying on someone else even you, is hard.

We get impatient and find things to criticize.

Some of us even like to complain.

Glossing over past hardships is easier than admitting that we needed your help, and still do.

We don’t want to see how our attitudes and actions make things worse.

We are sorry. Forgive our ingratitude.

Grant us the courage to face the truth.

Words of assurance

Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble,

and he saved them from their distress.

O God, in Restless Living                                                                 HWB #557 

Sharing Time/Prayer

Sending Hymn

   This Little Light of Mine                                                               HWB #401


We are people of God.

We go in God’s love

to extend God’s love

and live God’s promise.

Musical Response




· Anita Watkins( Rebecca Hofer’s Mother) - chemo treatments

· Additional Concerns


TODAY - March 11– Fourth Sunday of Lent

Greeters: Marj Hofer & Joyce Hofer

9:45 am: Worship Service

Accompanist: Amy Hofer Vetch

Worship Leader: Todd Koerner

Children’s Time: Amanda Mettler

Worship Music: Savanna Timmerman playing the oboe

Message: Jack Scandrett

Coffee Time: Mildred Hofer

11:10 am: School for all ages


NEXT SUNDAY - March 18 – Fifth Sunday of Lent

Greeters: Lyndon & Barbie Hofer

9:45 am: Worship Service

Accompanists: Paige Zachariasen

Worship Leader:

Children’s time: Amanda Mettler

Worship Music: No music scheduled  

Message:  Jack Scandrett

Coffee Time:  Brigitta Hofer

11:10 am: School for all ages



Congregational Ministries: Soap & Hygiene Kits for MCC

Children's S.S. Department: Swan Lake Christian Camp



March 15, 7:30 pm: Church Board meeting


ALL EMAIL CORRESPONDANCE to the Church Office Administrative Assistant should be sent to



S.D. Mennonite Disaster Service unit annual meeting:  Salem Mennonite Brethren Church, rural Bridgewater, today, March 11, at 2 pm. The featured speaker, Maretta Champagne, is from Pine Ridge, S.D. and is Outreach Coordinator for Pine Ridge Long Term Recovery. Region III Coordinators will also be attending the program which will be followed by the business meeting.  Everyone is invited to attend.  


The Schmeckfest Country Kitchen is asking for donations of food items for March 16, 17, 23 and 24. Poppy seed rolls, fruit pockets, pumpkin rolls, caramel rolls, jams, horseradish and summer savory sell especially well.  Donated food items for the Schmeckfest Country Kitchen may be brought to Sterling Hall and should be labeled.  Thank you!


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